Backup and Disaster Recovery

Always be prepared with help from [company_long]

Here in Minnesota, we’re no stranger to disruptions. Every winter we are forced to plow through hills of snow just to make it to work. And while we manage to avoid major service disruptions in even the most bleak of winter environments, operations can be halted in a number of other ways beyond the wrath of nature. Data theft, lost or stolen computers and even a technology malfunction can see valuable files be lost forever. Make sure that doesn’t happen with our Backup and Disaster Recover solution. [company_short] will ensure you avoid downtime, revenue loss and other problems that occur when your data goes missing.

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[company_long] can make sure your data is never lost forever. With our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution in place, you’ll avoid the crippling expenses most small and medium-sized businesses incur during cases of data loss.


[company_short] can help with:

  • Assessment – We help you understand what areas of your business are vulnerable and make sure you know what protections are needed.
  • Planning – Together we create an action plan to help keep your business running should a disaster of any kind occur.
  • Training/Testing – Make sure your plans are ready for action when the time comes with stress testing. We train your staff so all employees are prepared for a disaster.
  • Implementation – Should you ever need to execute your plan, we’ll be there with support and assistance to ensure you are able to avoid costly downtime and lost data.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing they have in common is that they always arrive when you least expect it. Backup and Disaster Recovery from [company_short] won’t prevent a disaster but will guarantee you’re prepared for it.